Sunday, July 1, 2012

The last 6 weeks: Now Im FREE

Im not sure I wrote about it before... but professionally something REALLY exciting has been happening in my life. Im sure Ive said before that I work as a SM @ Pier1 Imports. I LOVE my job...most of the time (insert SO many interesting customer stories)! haha
Anyway late last year I was told that my store would be closing.... this happened to me 2 years before, so I was about to freak! The bright side... that was followed up by FOR REMODEL!!! I was one of 5 stores in my company to receive a complete remodel this year....and we sure needed it!
So what did that mean? I need to go through liquidation.....again.....but this time with a much more positive out come.
 So in 4 weeks we went from this...... 
 To this....
We sold EVERYTHING but the bathroom sink!
So thats what Ive been up to...I just finished my first week at my "temp" store for the next 2 months & have a vac around the corner. Just wanted to share the exciting new and process of store remodel! Ill keep you posted- Take care- DCW

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