Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Working Weekend....

This weekend was all about fun with friends & family!
Saturday it was hanging out @ Dave/Tonya's for a BBQ with the Nixons too! AC & Kal playing... so cute together. We caught them hugging while no one was looking! haha BBFs!

Mother's Day bike ride... AC & The Hubby got me this awesome new bike! Its a street or "hybrid" that is great for our kind of riding on paved trails or streets....
Finally AC toke a ride in the truck with Grannie and I to meet The Hubby and grandpa @ the Car show! Until now the truck didn't have seat belts so the car seat didn't go. He LOVED driving in the front where he could see everything...we couldn't even get his attention he was so into looking around....so cute! This boy LOVES cars...which makes mom and grandpa happy! haha

 Hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful day!! No cooking but I did pick up some of my FAV potato salad for the BBQ @ Bob's Produce in Fridley... its the closest to my grandma's Ive found & so yummy!
Take care -DCW

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