Saturday, May 12, 2012

15 mins of cleaning....

hey there.... so does anyone else feel like they are a chicken with their head cut off while at home?? I feel like 80% of home time is picking up or cleaning up the house! My house is not dirty most of the time but messy everywhere... now keep in mind Im a type A person where everything should have a place or it shouldnt be in my house. Over the last couple week I pulled 4 boxes together...1. donations 2-4. off to the consinment shop by my store for resale. So far Ive made about $28 bucks! :)
Anyway, I was on Pintrest (YEAH!) this week and found a GREAT blog:
Which give a 15 min a day cleaning schedule... I know this might not be anything new to some...but I come from a family that my mom did ALL her cleaning on one day. Now YES time while spent mom....but I 1. dont have Saturdays off 2.Want to have my day off for other things.
So today I started my schedule and will see how it goes. I just thought it was interesting and new for busy mom's, women or households!
Take Care- DCW

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