Saturday, February 11, 2012

WoRking on a Balance....

Hey there...I have decided to link up with one of my fav blogs: Kelly's Korner with some advice or ideas for "Working" moms!
Now I don't have all the answers but in the last year I have learned:

1. LOVE what you do: I am a full time retail store manager. I LOVE LOVE my job (well maybe not every sec everyday) but everyday is different and a challenge. I avg 45 hours a week and 50+ during trans and holiday seasons. I love the fact that my work is my own, my adult time and gives me time to really miss and cherish my home time with my family!

2. PLAN meals ahead.... when you CAN! I try to keep our meals VERY organized and planned. Because I know if I don't have a plan we will resort to take out food and you know that's NOt healthy!!!
*Start with this awesome list.... (bought@ Pier1 Imports, my store haha)Its all sep by dept and attaches to your frig for easy daily check off...When the meals get home... CUT,CHOP AND SEP ASAP.....
(Click pic to see this post)
PS- don't feel to bad when you do eat out.... you only live once, right??
3. Surround yourself with the BEST, friends & family: My family is most important to me when I am not working. I spend as much time as I can with them when Im not, but also understand because I do work I might and will miss out on some outings with them.And asking and accepting their help when needed is key to my happiness..Listening to my ladies: This is my supportive lady group.... these girls are form all parts of my life... Ive know them for 3,5,10 and 25 years!!(not all pictured)*AC's daycare Angie! Angie is the sweetest person I know... she lights up at the sight of any child and was born to be a mom! (sorry Ang but this Halloween pic was the only one I had) I'm so thankful she takes such amazing care of my AC 2 times a week!4. Embrace some hobbies: classic cars, football, reading, many outdoor activities and looooong walks with my hubby!

*Oh you dont think I forgot about The Hubby.... I have the best! I could not be the mom I am without the help from him!

5. Take time for yourself: I have found that getting my nails done once a month is easy on my brain & our wallet! It just makes me happy! :)

6. Finally.... HAVE FUN: with the time you DO have! I sometimes get down thinking about the time I DONT have with my family. But them its the off schedule times I DO get that make me the happiest! These 2 posts in the last 2 weeks say it all: Snow & Mornings

Hoped this helped! Thanks for stopping by- Take care- DCW


  1. ahhhh so sweet!!! made me tear up!

    You are a wonderful working mama and AC is a lucky little boy!

    Love ya, friend!