Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow is serious in MN

The Hubby & I are TRUE Minnesotans... we love our state, sports team (Well, Vikings.. is there anything else??) and the every changing weather. Call me crazy but I am a little disappointed with mother nature this winter. Last winter when I was stuck in doors with a baby that was far too small to test out the winter wonderland around us she dumped TONS of snow on us!! It was a record breaking year... so much that our stadium collapsed and the Vikings played a thrilling game outdoors at the UofM campus!
So I was over joyed last Monday when I woke up and found the backyard covered in snow & I had the morning off to bring AC out!
He wasn't sure about it....He watched Heidee run around and didnt know what to make of the flakes falling from the sky...Either way I know there will be many more snow days... but it was really special that I could share this one with him!

Take care- DCW

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