Sunday, July 17, 2011

Advice from a host....

Hey there, I want to start off by saying I'm not a expert.... but after helping a woman @ work that was SO stressed about having her own house warming party. I wanted to share some of my ideas of how to throw a party:
-Pick a theme... even if its a season for the food.
-Invites & don't be afraid to ask people to BYO: Chairs, drinks or their own fav dish.... one of my favorite parties I throw every year is my girls appetizer party! Everyone brings their fav app. to share!
-Plan when you are going to prepare.... buy the food, cook and clean.
-Don't clean much! I NEVER clean my kitchen floors before a party... yeah I might run a vacuum over it. But (for sure if its summer) I don't clean the floor till the day after... you can enter from the deck right into our dinning room/kitchen and its such a waste of time.
-Get some music... even ask a friend to make a mixed CD or bring their Ipod!
-Don't forget the ice! :)
-Have fun & go with it... things might not turn out ok or something might even spill.
*Finally as I told my customer, serve some good drinks & people will have a great time!!
Party on & Keep on Cooking!!

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