Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time.....

What a wonderful MN Sunday! As The Hubby & I rollerbladed (its our new thing) around the neighborhood today I could not help but notice everyone outside doing something!
My list a wonderful today:
-Lunch with the Nixons , love you guys!
-Cleaning up my garden
-Cleaning & pricing stuff in the garage for our up coming sale
-Rollerblading with The Hubby
-BBQ dinner & DQ desert

Marinated BBQ chicken & pineapple
3-4 breasts of thawed chicken
1-1 1/2 cup BBQ sauce
dash of soy sauce
2 Tb pineapple juice (optional, but orange or lemon works too!)
dash of garlic salt or minced garlic, about 1 tsp
*Sliced or cubed pineapple (canned or fresh)

Mix all ingredients together, pour over chicken and marinate 8 hours or over night. (I had planned on cooking this on Friday night, so mine had been marinating since Friday AM)

Place on grill and cover with 1 slice or 3 cubes of pineapple. (We also made pineapple kabobs with the extra) Grill till thoroughly cooked and serve.

*Side note about the garage clean up: Last year I received about 3 boxes full of my Grandma Shoberg's stuff (she passed about 7 yrs ago) my mom thought I might like. Well I went through them right away and kept a lot but have not gone back. Today when I went back to make final decision on on what to keep or sell I found the most adorable Watermelon melamine dishes set! I'm really into dinnerware... mostly glass, pottery and porcelain.... but how fun for summer! I washed it up & we even used some of it for dinner tonight. :)

Happy Sunday everyone! Keep on Cooking!


  1. The dishes are really cute! What a great find, perfect to use in the summer!

  2. We had DQ last night too...just couldn't resist!

  3. We had fun at lunch too! So glad you were able to join us & thanks SO SO much again! I love those plates - how fun!

    Have a great week...ill be waiting for an update! :) Love you!