Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pigs in a blanket.....

We were craving something a little fun and easy... this was a recipe I always loved when I was growing up....I have also made mini ones with cocktail wieners for parties!

Pigs in a blanket:
1 Pkg hot dogs (I like the cheese filled)
1 roll of crescent rolls
6 slices of cheese (I make 3 cheddar/3 provolone)

Unroll crescents... lay cheese on top and roll up the dogs! Dip in mustard, ketchup sauce or BBQ sauce. We went all out and ate these with mac & cheese!

Keep on Cooking!


  1. I LOVE finding bloggers from Minnesota! Came over from Kelly's Korner. I grew up in St. Louis Park and lived there until college, but have I also lived in Owatonna, Watertown, and Edina. Unfortunately (or rather, bittersweetly!) I now reside in West Virginia with my husband, whom I met in Maryland! Yeah, crazy story. Never thought I'd ever leave the Twin Cities for good!

    Where do you guys live? We were in town for Christmas and that totally overly-hyped up "blizzard" you didn't get!

    I have to say, I have turned my husband into a huge lefsa fan, and have gotten him to say "hotdish" instead of casserole!

  2. Lol good old Minne... Im in love with it too and Im not sure our family will EVER move away.. I lived in WI for 2 years and could not wait to come home. We are from Blaine.. about 20 mins north of Minneapolis. Keep in touch!