Friday, February 26, 2010

Show us your collection...

Kelly from Kelly's Korner asked today "What do you collect?"

MY collection?
1. Cookbooks... duh! Hince the cooking blog! I love recipes... the pictures and all the possibility it brings to try something new! My fav? I love to keep it local... church or local charity cookbooks are the best!

2. Jewelry... & recently my collection has exploded with my inheritance of my Grandma Donna's extensive collection of quirky costume jewelry and armoire!

My collection is a mix of fun, functional and classic pieces!

Keep on Cooking!!!


  1. That is awesome Dest! I knew you inherited that - but never imagined it was SO much - I know where to go if I am ever in need!!

    Good luck on Sunday - it will be GREAT!!!

    Love you!

  2. My two favorite things! Cook books and costume jewelry! I love it. Charity cookbooks are my favorite also. They are practical and have ingredients that either I already have or are easy to find. They often put a new spin on what can become regular and boring recipes! I often look for them at antique stores or handcraft stores. Just last weekend at Homestead Handcrafts I bought a wonderful cookbook from the Deerfield's Women Society for $5!! I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing you collection...and I've looked around and love your blog! Have a great weekend!!! -April

  3. April- wow antique stores.. I never thought of that, good tip! I also got a great one @ the MN state fair... pioneer womans cookbook, must of it I wont cook but it has a good story! Thanks for visiting!
    Ang- Sunday was good... I painted the office today, putting my mark on it I guess ;) I want to hang out NOW!! When are you free this week??