Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricks & a little Treat....

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! .... we are preparing for the party tonight & I wanted to share something I'm making:

Something Salty & Sweet....
1 pkg of Almond bark
2 cups of peanut butter.
2 cups of peanuts
2 cups of rice crispies cereal
2 pkg of microwave popcorn
Candy corn (I put this in for Halloween).... or M&Ms as called for.
Wax paper

Warm almond bark in large micro safe bowl for 90 sec at a time and stir in peanut butter. After warmed and melted spoon in peanuts & rice crispies. Pop both bags of popcorn, then stir into large bowl.... (DO NOT pour from bag directly, the unpopped seeds aren't fun!)After all mixed together lay around 2 sheets of wax paper to cool/dry and top with candy corn or M&Ms. Break up into bit size pieces and put in bowl.
(recipe from my friend Polly Dolby @ work, requested often!)

Have a safe holiday!
Keep on Cooking!!


  1. I made this for a work Potluck and everyone loved it! This is a great party snack - I bet you could add food coloring to the melted almond bark to be more festive for the holidays.

  2. Joe tried this at your party and loooved it, so I think I will have to be making it sometime in the near future!