Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby J

3weeks to go my time has flew by and I can see how baby #2 at times can get the shaft.  This pregnancy is or was no joke! 4 months of sickness, then back pain, two sinus infections and restless legs at night...but I'll take it all because I know how fortunate I am to walk this journey. I pray nightly for my friends that are praying for some of these months and try to understand their struggles. So as I savor the last three weeks with some alone time with my hubby (thanks to some great grandparents!!) and one on one time with AC I wanted to give a update.....

Baby J
36 weeks and 3 days
Gained 35 lbs
Feeling more overwhelmed by birth again than the after stuff. Confident that AC is going to love on him and be the best brother.
Craving food both salty and sweet, but trying to pace myself so I don't get too full and uncomfortable.
Sleeping well once I get to sleep, but restless leg and tossing makes for a late night.
Baby J likes to move at night and has finally found my ribs....a lot later than his bro, so I thankful for that!
This weeks doc appointment was dilated to 1, so I've got time to go! I'm kind of convinced he will come early, but don't want to get too excited.
"Bag" is packed and looking forward to a shower my coworker are throwing me this Sunday!

Just wanted to update and capture theses moments! Take care-DCW

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