Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby boy?

I haven't share much about this baby...I guess the second time you slack a little, but by no means are we not as excited about this guy then we were with AC!
SO many things are different this time...this little BOY had me thinking he was a she! Ill give you some info from the beginning.....
Late this summer. The Hubby and I decided to take a chance again and try for baby #2... Well 3 short weeks later ...I started feeling sick and wondered if it really could be true. I don't know why but I figured the first time was beginners luck? Well either way on Sept 1st, the morning of our friends wedding, we toke a test and confirmed baby was on its way!
What else was on its way? Sickness.....4 months of sickness and/or heartburn. Uhh thank God those days r behind me. In the mist of opening my new store I fought back sickness all day and everyday!
Finally it's was ultra sound time....I was 99.9% sure baby Working was a girl & so was AC! Anytime we asked if he was having a brother or sister he simply said "girl". Well, not so fast...daddy was right and there is a baby BOY in there!!! Oh course either way we were overjoyed, but a little relief set in of all the things we get to reuse!!!!
So what came next? A remodel of course...haha in true Working form we are in full construction mode....if you would remember our quick bathroom redo turn complete gut job while I was prego with AC? We are demoing our guest room and basement for ACs new room and more family room space as I type.
So today at my 24 week appointment everything looks great! Baby J (that's a abbreviation, not his name) is right on track for his May 12 arrival (yes, Mothers Day this year, I guess I only have babies on holidays)! Knowing the sex of the baby is fun this is a great way to connect with him and also fun to talk about him with AC.
It really warms my heart to have that house full of boys I have always looked forward to and pray that AC will have that amazing brother relationship that his dad shares with his!

16 weeks and counting on baby J! ill keep you posted.....
Take care-DCW

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