Monday, February 20, 2012

My season of life...

Hey there, lately I have found a new thing I love shopping for.....
Seasoning & Spices! I know could I get any more "susie homemaker"?? But its really interesting where you can find them. It all started with me trying some homemade dressing and dip recipes.... I sifted through my spices and noticed that most of them are WAY over their due date!

Then while I was in Boston last month we visited a outdoor food market, it was amazing! There was so much fresh sea food, veggies, fruit and bulk spices! I would go every week if we had that here. (Im on the hunt for a farmers market close to home come spring) Anyway, I bought a HUGE container of "Soul seasoning" for only$3.99 to try. We have used it for grilling chicken legs, meatballs etc. And even though it forced me to get checked at security coming home it was worth it! haha

Last week AC, my mom and I headed to Anoka to find a coop store called Grass Roots. They sell all organic & locally grown foods. And I was immediately drawn to their bulk spices.... I picked up lemon pepper (my fav on anything), taco seasoning & a grinder that included sea salt, pepper and garlic (perfect for baked potatoes Ive found so far).

Either way Im having fun updating my spices & plan to use many with my garden herbs this spring/summer!
Happy Presidents day... The Hubby is off & Im off to work!
Take Care~DCW

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