Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A page from my cookbook: More baby food

Hi there, well its baby food making time again. Not sure how many of you are interest in this topic, but its truly so easy I think more people should do it! Either way its what I'm cooking on right now, so be it!
Could not be easier....
*I buy 2 small or 1 lrg bag of frozen peas (fresh you have to shell so I cheat a little and buy them frozen... all moms must cut corners somewhere and this is mine)
*Run warm water over peas in a strainer

Put in blender, add 1 c-2 cups of water and puree.
Frozen peas were on sale this week so I made 20 servings for $2! That's .10 a serving compared to .50 a serving of store bought.

*4 whole apples, I bought red delicious.. sweet not tart apples are best.
*Core, peal and cut into small chunks.
*Steam for 10-12 mins, covered. Reserve steamed water for blender.
*Let cool and blender with 1-2 cups of reserved water.The finished product with my recipe book!Keep on Cooking!

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