Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Update:4 months

AC Updates:

Age: 4 months & 3 days

Weight & Length: 15lbs 6oz & 26 1/2 inches (We had our 4 month doc appoint. this AM, AC grew 3 1/2 inches in the last 2 months!)

Size clothes: some 3-6 but packed most away and on to 6-9 months for length.

Eating schedule: Eating every 3 hours, about 6.5-7oz, sometimes less at night.

Sleep: Within the last week getting up for a 12am feeding... we are thinking a growth spurt is happening. But mostly sleeping 8pm-5or6am.

Something new:

-You rolled over from back to tummy yesterday!!! We are so excited because you have been working on it for a while & finally got over that arm yesterday AM while home with mom... hoping you will do it again soon for dad too!

-You are such a morning person... just like dad you start the day with a smile! Mom wasn't a morning person till she had a smiley baby like you! We still watch Ellen every morning we can with coffee & dance to the music! haha

-You want to chew on everything! Anything that gets by your month you think should go into it... maybe getting a tooth?

-Great grandpa Working came back in town & was really excited to meet you! Here is 4 generations of Working men:
What Im looking forward to: Any time together.... alone time is nice but I want to savor every second with you little man! I was happy/sad packing up you 3 month clothes Monday... you are getting SO big!

We love you SO much little guy, you make us laugh and we can wait to see how you grow this summer!

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