Monday, February 8, 2010

Reubens tonight....

Still getting the white stuff in MN..... tonight came home to an easy but my FAV kind of winter ... or summer for that matter.... sandwich:
The Reuben, serving for 2:
4 slices of rye bread
1 can sour kraut
thin sliced corn beef
thin sliced Swiss cheese
(I forgot to buy some last week, so shredded mozzarella would do)
butter to spread
thousand island dressing

Warm large skillet to med heat and toss in butter. When melted flip 2 slices of bread around so both sides are covered and ready to toast. Top on side with cheese, 3-4 pieces of corn been, cheese again and top with bread. Warm and flip every min till cheese is melted. While doing warm kraut in small sauce pan will boiling. Add kruat to sandwich and cook for 1 more min on each side. Put on plate and drizzle thousand island dressing inside. Repeat for other sandwich & enjoy!

Keep on Cooking!!

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