Saturday, February 6, 2010

Am I ready for tv??

Hey there, I'm going make a confession.... I have been thinking about making a video blog lately. (Keely Mann does them & love watching!)
So this week I received a message from a follower about a local talk show "Twin Cites Live" that is holding a cooking contest! To enter you need to make a 3-5 min video of you cooking a recipe... then they will be picking 6 winners that will go on their show to participate in a cooking challenge! Well.... I did it! :)

Now I love to cook and even recently have had friends ask me for advice about recipes... but my question is "Am I ready for TV??" First of all I have mad respect for editing! I think I ran through the first 30 sec 5 times... but because I was home alone and have NO editing available on my computer I had to get the mixing right on the first try!

Well here it is... please be mindful that this is my first vlog, so be kind of with your comments! And cross your fingers that I might be a winner this week!

*The video was taking forever to upload.. Ill try later... anyways here is the link to the contest Im #19!
Ps-Thanks to Heather Elm for the recipe that I made

Keep on Cooking


  1. Watched the video, it was good! Good luck with the contest! :)

  2. Great job on the video - just watched it. I totally forgot that a few years ago I was addicted to this dip (like eat it out of the jar addicted). Time to make it again!