Sunday, February 21, 2010

Night out with food...

After closing down the store... yes we sold everything!!! The hubby and I met up with one of our fav couples R & J and went out for drinks and a little food. We went to SLP to try a new Irish Pub called Coopers. (I forgot my camera to capture some pics but found the new restaurants website) We dinned on their Bar Menus that offered many appetizers all for $4.99. We sampled the following

-Sea Salt Baked Pub Pretzels: soft pretzels with hot mustard dip and Stout Cheddar spread.
-Chicken shots: lightly fried bites of white meat tossed in a fancy Irish whiskey glaze and herbed ranch dip.
-Artichoke dip: Parmesan and garlic, served with ciabatta bread/flat bread.

All were very good and just enough of the 4 of us to share! We cap off the food which each choosing our fav drink. I ordered a recommended drink from a co-worker of mine:

Malibu Rum
triple lime ..... yum!!

Over all a great night with friends and a different place you should check out:
Keep on Cooking!

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