Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some great gifts....

I had a woonderful Christmas! My house full of family, friends and good food makes me so happy! I also got some great new I a food network fan?!

Paula Deen from my mother-in-law.

Giada de laurentiis from my friend Nicole.

Looking forward to cooking with these books in the new year!

*Getting to Know YOU Sunday*
Keely at Mann Land 5 is hosting a blog carnival today! Today's question is: What was your favorite gift you received for Christmas??

Keep on Cooking!


  1. I love Paula Deen! Yum-O!

    Thanks for playing! :-)


  2. What great presents! I got a cook book for Christmas that I am excited about trying out. I am really getting into cook books.

  3. I was super-excited - my hubby got an NFL Sunday cookbook and a collection of hot sauces from my mom, and I got him some really cool skewers. I can't wait for us to fire up the grill!

  4. NFL sunday cookbook? I MUST check that out!... ahh Keely, YUM-O is Rachel Ray, not Paula silly haha :)