Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dinner with "Turk"

Hey there... well got home for work about 11:30 tonight and I could not put it off any longer.... I had to face my fear and de-gunk the turkey. I have seriously had nightmares of doing this all week. I mean I eat meat... I know where it comes from. But I understood it much better when I was carrying the turkey out of the store on Sunday night. It was the only thing I bought that day... I also had a fear there would be NO turkeys left when i toke the official shopping trip on Tuesday. I could feel all the bones and the though of touching the skin was pushing me over the edge. Is this crazy? Yes I know, but lets face it I get grossed out watching Greys on TV & I grew up only seeing meat AFTER its been prepared. he he

Anyways, after some great instruction from my Betty Crocker cookbook (thank you mom!) I did the deed. I just pretend I was taking care of a very cold baby... who I affectionately now call "Turk". Now I'm off to bed.... work & then its time to cook "Turk" tomorrow... oh that just sounds wrong!!

Keep on Cooking!

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