Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming.....

Last year I cooked my first turkey for Christmas.....
It was an adventure to say the least! Here are some tips from & their 6 tips to a GREAT Turkey:
Step One
Gather all the necessary equipment: a roasting pan, roasting rack, remote-read digital thermometer, bulb baster, oven thermometer, kitchen twine, kitchen shears, and foil.
Step Two
Trim excess fat.While a knife will work for trimming, kitchen shears are less slippery and easier to grip.
Step Three
Tie legs together with kitchen twine for an attractive presentation. Lift wing tips up and over back; tuck under turkey.
Step Four
Cover breast with foil to keep the white meat from cooking too fast. This will help you achieve moist, tender cuts.
Step Five
Check temperature in meaty part of thigh, making sure not to touch bone. The turkey is ready when the thermometer registers 165°.
Step Six
Once you've presented the finished turkey to guests, remove and discard the skin to dramatically reduce fat intake.
Happy Thanksgiving & Keep on Cooking!!

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