Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEW Blog on the street & a lazy thanksgiving...

Hey friends,
First I wanted to share with you a NEW blog that Ive been following.... my sweet friend Brianna started up a blog to keep her friends, family & far away family informed about her pregnancy/life! Brianna and I have been friends for almost 8 years... we roomed together in college and you know how girls can bond through that. We are a lot alike but also can understand each others wonderful differences..... and we always make each other laugh!

So here it is, my featured BLOG of the week: My little pea in the pod
(here is a pic of us @ my wedding open house in 2007..... wow things have changed since then & I was Blondie! haha)

Now onto Thanksgiving: I have to admit the focus or effort to cook anything these days are slim to none.... I know it will pick up again, but this pregnancy & baby brain has taking over..... the best part? He/she will be here soon.... I mean like 33 days soon!

But either way I am not hosting or cooking for Thanksgiving! I am bringing the following...... croissants/rolls & pickle wrap dip, so enjoy!

Pickle Wrap Dip:
2 8oz pkg cream cheese
2 containers top the tater
1 jar of pickles
1 pkg of dried beef or corn beef
(I found it with the lunch meats, could use reg lunch meat chopped up if needed)
*Chop pickles and meat. Mix all ingredients together and chill over night. Serve with crackers to spread on
Keep on Cooking!!

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