Monday, October 11, 2010

We going through changes......

I'm going to just put this out there.... I'm a ball of emotion! Whats happening???
Fear- what will the end of this pregnancy bring?
Excitement- This going to be the most amazing experience in our life!
Anxious- when will it happen, will I be ready? What will my store do without me... haha
On Edge- what about all the unknown??
Thankful- I thank God everyday he has blessed me with a wonderful pregance...husband...friends and family to lend a hand!!
I'm being totally honest for myself and others that might be going through this right now.... I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions, which is normal for this time of that year, but I just need to relax!
So today I'm taking a DAY for me! Spending my day sleeping in, shopping and getting ready for my FAV holiday, HALLOWEEN!!
On a lighter note... here are some pics of my house:

10/10/10... Happy B-day to me!!
This last weekend... BIG party with ton of people around? No, lately Ive been trying to hold on to quite time and making the most of family/friend experiences that I can. Also The Hubby and I know that although time with the baby will be beyond amazing and nothing we can understand now... this time with just the 2 of us is something we need to "Cherish" haha something we say to each other daily! :)

After the most draining week in a long time @ work... getting ready for xmas set up... I enjoyed a day off with the Hubby and friends in Duluth:
Lunch @ Grandma's.... a swiss/mushroom burger & their signature wild rice soup!
The weather was wonderful! Shopping and sight seeing with friends was enjoyable... we are blessed with such good people in our life.
Sunday we went to church & I was so excited my mom finally agreed to come with us! The sermon was very powerful about breaking bad patterns. Then lunch with my wonderful parents kept me smiling all day... one of the gifts they gave me was the paper from the day I born! I was interesting to see what events were going on.
BIG 10/10/10 party?? No, but what a wonderful and blessed birthday for me!
Keep on Cooking!!

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