Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MY first giveaway....

Hello all......
Well I'm loving that my blog has been hit over 1,000 times,WOW!!! So let's try and take it to the next level.... so its my 1st giveaway... some could call it a bribe, but hey its free!

What you need to do??
1. Sign up as a follower @ Blogger & Cant Stop CoOking
2. Leave a comment to this post tell me: If you could only cook one thing everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

(dont worry if you already follow you just have to leave a comment)

What am I giving away?... lets just say its cooking related... Ill let you know tomorrow ;)


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE RR! I honestly don't know what I would cook everyday....hmmm...if calories don't count I;m saying pizza! :)

  2. Your profile makes me HUNGRY! it all sounds really good! I would probably make a pizza using different ingredients everyday. YUM! :)

  3. Hmmm... Well if you would have said if you could eat one thing everyday for the rest of your life I would have said cereal but you said cook so I will have to say a pot roast. It is simple and delicious and also makes your house smell sooo good!