Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look alittle like Christmas....

During the month of December Im going to try my best to give you a NEW recipe for all of those holiday get togethers & parties I know that are filling up your calenders.... I would also love to hear what you are planning on cooking or what makes this holiday special for you!!

My passion for cooking comings from a VERY imporant person (though no longer with us) my Grandma Steies! She was an AMAZING cook, baker, hugger and all around welcoming person. Her and my grandpa hosted an festive holiay party every year that brought people over in crowds!

My first recipe this month is one of hers and I will be trying today (so pics to come) Get you Spritz maker ready:

Jell-O Spritz

4 C Sifted flour
1 1/2 C Butter
1 3 oz. package of Jell-O
1t Vanilla
1t baking powder
1C Sugar
1 Egg

Sift flour, baking powder. Cream butter, gradually add sugar and Jell-O Add egg and vanilla, beat well. Gradually add flour mixture. Force through cookie press.

Bake 13-14 minutes at 400. Makes approximately 5 dozen.

The dough is easiest to work with if you chill it prior to putting it in the press. The color of the Jell-O is the color of the cookie. You can use additional Jell-O sprinkled on the top or other Christmas sprinkles to decorate.

Happy Holidays & Keep on Cooking!

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