Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am a parent and am I normal?

Talk about ups and downs..... parenting is honestly one of the most emotional roller coasters Ive ever been on. Now I learned this during our birthing classes.... "you will experience ups and downs on the birth day and while you are in the hospital". How could you not? You go from the most pain (if you try it drug free) in your life. Then the most exciting, relieving, surreal out of body experience after having the baby. I remember thinking...."This really happened? That is what was moving around in there? How did he EVER fit in there & then COME out??"

I totally expected all these mix emotions to be left behind or figured out by the time I leave the hospital. But to be honest.....they came home with me and some still haven't shorted themselves out totally. I share this because I'm honest (maybe too honest?) and want other mom's to KNOW they might too or feel better that they feel the same. I stumbled over a wonderful website: & a video with the 2 creators. It really spoke to me about some of the feelings you might have after having a baby. They also talk about a book, Stumbling on happiness, That I plan to read soon.

Now let me say I am overflowing with LOVE, happiness & warmth when looking at Adrian....
I will do ANYTHING for my amazing son and look forward to everything (good, challenging and sassy) that we will share in the future.....
But I'm also a realist and know it's going to be trying & hard at times. But I just figure thats being a parent & that is what makes it ALL worth it now and in the end!

Keep on Cooking!

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  1. You and Chad are both amazing parents! So loving and attentive. I'm sure the downs help you appreciate all the ups (at least that's what I think I'll try and tell myself when I feel like I'm going crazy ha-ha). I love the honesty since I'll experience all of this in the near future. Thanks for being such a great friend!!! hugs and kisses!