Wednesday, October 6, 2010

French dips... a quick meal

Hey there...
Working late tonight and there is SO much work to do at the store this week.... might have not been the best week for my full time manager to go on vac! (but we all need a vac right??) Anyway here is a easy/quick recipe that can go in to crock for the Hubby while I'm @ work 2night.....

French Dip Sandwiches
1 can beef broth (about 2 cups)
1 pkg Lipton beef onion mix
1 lb of thinly cut roast beef
1/2 cup green pepper
1/2 cup red pepper
2 stalks of green onions. chopped
4-6 slices of cheese of your choice, I use Swiss
4-6 onion or sesame buns

Pour broth and onion mix into crock pot and mix. Chop veggies, drop veggies and meat into crock also. Simmer on low for 4 hours and serve on buns with cheese. If you don't want to make in advance just put in pot and simmer on low for 20 mins.

*Baby update* So tomorrow I have my 28 week appoint. so I will post how that goes.... I will be taking my glucose test, so good thing I have some "homework" to do for this weekend's holiday transition @ work. It can take the hour+ in the waiting room and be productive! Either way I'm interested to see where I'm at with weight and how this baby is doing in there! :)
Keep on Cooking!!

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