Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lunch for one....

I'm feeling sort of like a lonely housewife the last couple days.... honestly this week I'm off more than working @ my store. Feels good right? Well, yes because I'm getting some MUCH needed things done around the house... finally taking down the xmas stuff/trees, laundry, cleaning, reading and my DVR... but without my hubby around the house it sure gets quite... and i can only talk to the furry kids so long without sounding crazy!

Anyway- in the search to spice up my lunch I throw together something super easy & yummy....

Stir fry for 1?
2 cups California Slaw mix
2 tbs olive oil
dash of soy sauce/stir fry sauce/peanut oil
1 handful of Lo Mien noodles

Cook noodles per pkg. Warm olive oil in small/med pan on med/high heat.... toss in everything else... cook on med/high for about 4 mins till veggies are tender , throw all together & enjoy!
(I bought the slaw to make just what, but it was a different easy mix. I only used about 2 cups.... but the whole bag could be used for a family dinner)
Keep on Cooking!!

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