Sunday, January 24, 2010

How I get cooking....1. The Menu

This week I thought I would give you some of my tips on cooking! I know life is crazy busy, but we all are looking to have easy,fun and healthy meals that we can be proud of.....

1. The Menu: Here are some tips that help me prepare....
*Sit down the night before you go shopping with cookbooks and recipe box... page through and pick the following:

-3 cooking meals to commit to: see cook books or recipes cards

-2 meals that can cook in the crock if you are out/working @ night for the Hubby:
*sloppy joes, pot roast, deli cut beef for french dips (I'm sorry, but if I don't do this he will eat nothing but chips or cookies)

-2 quick meals or items that could work for quick breakfast, dinner or lunch:
*Eggs (Egg salad sandwiches or breakfast), Bacon (Bacon burgers, BLTs or breakfast), Ham (sandwich, hot ham/cheese or breakfast), Salad fixings

-Don't forget healthy quick snacks (cottage cheese, cheese sticks, yogurt, veggies to cut up with dip, etc)

-Keep in mind up coming events & friends coming over the next week: This will help you not have to run back to the store mid week.

Keep on Cooking!!

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