Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pickle wraps: I made them famous I swear....

I'm not sure if its the German side of me... my grandmothers cooking again... or the fact that these are SO easy to make. But in my family a holiday is NOT complete without them. I have made these ever since I could remember... almost to the point that I stopped because I started getting sick of them! But here they are... friends and family request them often:

Pickle Wraps:
1 bls slices thin cornbeef lunch meat (you can also use Ham or Turkey)
2 Large jars of whole large Dill pickles
1-2 7oz blocks of cream cheese.

Soften cream cheese for about 30 sec in micro. Lay 2 slice end to end on cutting board. Spread cream cheese evenly over meat. Lay pickle at top and roll till covered in meat. Wrap all and frig for at least 2 hours... I leave mine over night. Chop into slices about 1/2 inch thick and serve!

Keep on Cooking!!

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  1. I love these too! It is a staple snack to have at our family Christmas'!!!

    I made some on Saturday - and they are already gone! One of my all time favorites!

    Great seeing you today :)